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Ilford055You will find a warm welcome here at ICHS whether you are one of our existing students
or if you are considering joining us in the Sixth Form.

ICHS is a high achieving boys grammar school, we work alongside our students to ensure they make excellent progress and achieve their very best grades. If you decide to join us here at ICHS you will take a full and active role in our school community embracing our values of integrity, courtesy, hard work and success.

At ICHS, we offer a full range of A Level subjects. Many of our students opt to study mathematics and the sciences but we also offer a wide range of Humanities, Arts and Language subjects with the advantage of small classes and specialist staff. Our team of specialist and highly qualified staff will help guide and support you as you undertake your A Level journey. Our excellent facilities combine both the traditional with the modern.  Science and Product Design are taught in brand new, purpose built laboratories and workshops, courses are well resourced and the sixth form has its own dedicated canteen and study facilities.

Here at ICHS we recognise the importance of developing a range of transferable skills alongside excellent academic performance. Our VESPA and IMPACT Skills programme and a broad range of extracurricular and volunteering opportunities will help you prepare for life beyond school, whether that is at university, undertaking a modern apprenticeship or in the workplace. As you would expect from an academic Sixth Form we have a well-developed UCAS application programme, which is tailored to the individual needs and aspirations of each student. Students are prepared for university entrance very carefully, with additional specialist advice and guidance laid on for students embarking on courses such as medicine, law and those considering Oxbridge applications. Our destination information demonstrates that our students go on to study at a range of prestigious universities and undertake a wide variety of courses. Students leave ICHS as well rounded, kind, resilient young men with confidence and an ability to take on any challenge they may face in the future.

Entry to our Sixth Form is based on academic attainment. We are a community school and welcome young men from all walks of life to apply to join our thriving community. The pastoral support we offer our students is superb with many of our students keeping in touch long after they have left the school. Welcome to our Sixth Form!​

Rebecca Drysdale

Latest Tweets

@IlfordCountySch - 21st Jun
Come and see the ICHS GCSE & A Level Art & Design Exhibition!Our students have produced a truly amazing body of work. Tuesday 2nd July 5-6.30pm
@IlfordCountySch - 19th Jun
Ilford County High School Are Essex Champions! Well done to our Year 8 Cricket Team who beat Brentwood at the Essex Final yesterday. It was a great effort by the team to claim the trophy -SUCCESS
@IlfordCountySch - 15th May
Year 9 entrepreneurs attended Redbridge Dragons' Den. Their task was to pitch their product & a business plan to the borough's most successful entrepreneurs-aka The Dragons. It was fantastic to see the confidence & creativity. Their products, ideas & designs got a special mention
@IlfordCountySch - 14th May
ICHS Year10 students took part in an interschool Zoom conference with the Shadow Secretary of State for Health & Social Care & MP. Students asked thoughtful questions about how Wes is working to protect our local community & how Redbridge could be made safer for young people.
@IlfordCountySch - 14th May
ICHS Philosophy and Ethics: These are some examples of Projects completed by Year 8 on Holocaust Memorial Day after having studied a unit on Evil & Suffering. -COMMUNITY
@IlfordCountySch - 14th May
A reminder of this evenings Year 8 parents event. Please arrive at 5.45pm for a 6pm start. Tonight will focus on Careers, Enrichment and Safeguarding.A reminder that the event is for parents only.
@IlfordCountySch - 13th May
We’re proud to support this – 13 to 19 May. Join in and help to create a world with good mental health for all. Find out more and get involved:
@IlfordCountySch - 3rd May
Today the year 11’s and year 13’s celebrated their leavers assembly. We wish them all the best over the coming months with their exams. We are extremely proud of them.Hard Work, Success, Teamwork
@IlfordCountySch - 3rd May
ICHS Daily revision tips: Explore the wealth of revision resources available on MSTeams. There's always something valuable to engage with.MSTeams provides a convenient platform for accessing a variety of revision materials, practice questions, & collaborative study opportunities
@IlfordCountySch - 2nd May
ICHS Daily revision tips: Opt for 20-minute revision intervals with 5-minute breaks, repeated three times, as it's more effective than continuous revision for an hour.Spaced repetition and regular breaks prevent burnout, maintain focus, and optimize information retention.
@IlfordCountySch - 1st May
ICHS Daily revision: Enhance revision by practising recall through short tests or memory exercises, rather than simply reading or writing notes.Active recall strengthens memory retention & reinforces understanding of concepts, leading to effective learning & better performance.
@IlfordCountySch - 30th Apr
ICHS Daily revision tips: Incorporate exercise before exams or revision sessions, as it has been proven to be beneficial.Exercise boosts blood flow to the brain, enhances mood, & reduces stress, all of which contribute to improved cognitive function and better exam performance.
@IlfordCountySch - 29th Apr
Ilford County High School Prospective Year 7 Open Evening. Get a taste of our highly academic & student focused school. Thursday 2nd May Presentations by the Headteacher & Tours of the School available. Talks at 5.00pm, 6.00pm & 7.00pmTours available between 5pm & 7.15pm
@IlfordCountySch - 29th Apr
ICHS Daily revision tips: Maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated for peak cognitive function. Nutrition and hydration directly impact brain function, concentration, and energy levels, influencing students' ability to effectively study and perform well in exams.
@IlfordCountySch - 26th Apr
ICHS Daily revision tips: Prioritise sleep. Teenagers need between 10-12 hours of sleep for optimal performance.Sufficient sleep is essential for cognitive function, memory consolidation, and overall well-being, ensuring students can perform at their best during exams.
@IlfordCountySch - 25th Apr
ICHS Daily revision tips: Keep your end goal in mind. Visualise your future career or goals to stay motivated during challenging times.Maintaining a clear vision of one's aspirations provides the necessary drive to persevere through difficulties & maintain focus on success.
@IlfordCountySch - 24th Apr
ICHS Daily revision tips: Attend every lesson. Your teachers are exam experts who can guide you on answering questions & avoiding mistakes.Teachers provide invaluable insights, clarifications, & exam strategies that can significantly improve exam performance & reduce errors.
@IlfordCountySch - 23rd Apr
ICHS Daily revision tips: Utilise our platforms for revisiting topics: GCSE Pod, Kerboodle, Mathswatch, Evolve, MS Teams, & MyGCSEScience.These platforms offer diverse resources tailored to different learning styles, helping reinforce understanding & retention of key concepts.
@IlfordCountySch - 16th Apr
Some of our Y10 & Y13’s visited Barcelona in March on a Languages trip. It was a great opportunity to practice Spanish and see some amazing sites.
@IlfordCountySch - 22nd Mar
ICHS has a bleed control bag donated by the Ricky Hayden Memorial. A life saving Kit that helps to stop catastrophic bleeds should an incident occur, helping to keep the community safe.