At Ilford County High, we run a successful and thriving enrichment programme aimed at engaging students through regular participation and introducing them to subjects and areas that they may not have had an interest in previously. The aim is always about enjoyment and trying new things.

We provide a vast array of extracurricular activities before school, at lunchtime and after school. The provision of these activities fall under three broad categories:


These are activities that are aimed to explore different subject areas and support the students in their studies. These activities tend to run throughout the academic year.


These are not necessarily linked to the curriculum, however, they provide the students with a platform to engage in activities they may not have tried before, or to further an existing interest. These activities, again, tend to run throughout the academic year with some having a more seasonal rotation.


The majority of these activities are co-ordinated by the PE Department. They are sometimes linked to specific school teams but also provide students an opportunity to participate in a sport for enjoyment. The activities that run are seasonal and change with every half term.

The majority of the enrichment activities that are provided within the school are free to join, however, there are some that require an external source and these have a cost to them. We try to keep costs as low as possible and financial support is available for those students who are eligible.


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