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Ilford County High School received an 'Outstanding' Ofsted report following a short inspection in November 2007.

In the opening paragraph of the inspection report, Ilford County High School is described as

‘a vibrant and dynamic school that has not stood still since the last inspection.  Students and their parents hold it in very high regard'.

Furthermore, the report adds some of what a parent of a Year 11 student wrote, echoing the views of many who responded to the inspectors' parental survey,

'The school encourages pupils to perform to the best of their ability and moulds the pupils to be mature and well rounded adults.'

The report then goes on to say that:

‘The evidence for the school’s effectiveness is the pupils and students achievements. The school is very successful in developing pupils’ rigour of scholarship, independence of thought and self-esteem within a community characterised by: excellent relationships, racial harmony and between pupils and between staff and pupils, strong mutual respect. The school creates an excellent ethos and a momentum for learning…’

Making comment on the quality of teaching, the report states:

‘This learning ethos is founded on good and often very good teaching. It is the consistency of high quality teaching, high expectations, a quality of relationships of staff to pupils which engage, challenge and motivate further the boys coupled with the fact that what is being taught is interesting and challenging across a broad range of subjects.’ 

The academic achievement of the school in terms of both attainment and progress has been maintained since 2007 and compares very well with other grammar schools in terms of progress between primary school and GCSE.

The school has been part of the Leading Edge Partnership since 2012.

Ilford County Ofsted Report

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