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  • School Arrangements for Summer 2014

    date posted: Friday 25 Jul 2014

    School arrangements for Summer 2014.

    The school building and school office will be open for staff access between 8.00 am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday during the holiday period.

    If you have any urgent enquiries during this period and you have difficulty in visiting the school or making contact by telephone, please email This will be checked on a daily basis and we will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible.

    Examination results.

    Additional staff, including the school's examinations officer, will be on site on both examination results days, Thursday 14th August 2014 and Thursday 21st August 2014 to deal with any enquiries you may have and offer advice as necessary.

M R Capon M R Capon: Headteacher

I am very pleased to welcome you to the ICHS Website. Whether your interest is because you are considering the school for your son, as a member of our wider community or for some other purpose, I hope you find the information you are looking for and are able to gain a clear view of the school, its values and the wide range of opportunities it provides for the young men who study here.

We are naturally proud of our reputation for academic excellence but there is more to schooling than examination achievement. In addition to helping students to achieve their academic potential, we aim to develop in them self-respect, tolerance and intellectual curiosity. We nurture sporting, and cultural interests and support students as they develop their own personal values and beliefs. We encourage our young people to be involved in the school and the wider community, to take responsibility and to show leadership. We provide challenges which aim to develop mature, confident and well balanced young men with the personal attributes, resilience and commitment that open the way into the ‘best’ of Higher Education and employment.

ICHS is a friendly and happy school with high expectations of both learning and behaviour. There are excellent relationships and a strong mutual respect between staff and learners. We work, together with governors and parents, to achieve the best we can for all at the school.

One of the best ways find out about the school is to visit, where I am very confident you will meet young men who clearly enjoy school, their learning and who revel in the opportunities provided. Read More