Travel Plan

London Borough of Redbridge Travel Plan Initiative


We are proud to be participating in the London Borough of Redbridge Travel Plan initiative. As a school we aim to encourage healthy lifestyles throughout our curriculum. This is particularly evident in Physical Education, PSHEE, Food Technology and Science. The canteen serves a variety of tasty food that conforms to healthy guidelines and we are in the process of applying to become a ‘Healthy School.’ It is great to see so many of the students taking advantage of break times to participate in sporting activities and clubs.

Students had great fun at Bike Polo training organised in preparation for a local competition. Bike Polo is a team sport, similar to traditional polo, except that bicycles are used instead of horses. It began in Ireland in 1891 and was a demonstration sport at the 1908 London Olympics with Ireland winning the gold by beating Germany.

Continuing our support of cycling, Year 7 and Year 8 students will be enjoying a BMX display followed by workshops. Our hope is that more students will walk or cycle to school in a bid to reach the national target of 60 minutes physical activity each day.

Year 12 students participated in the ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ campaign. This raises awareness of the need to drive with care, for new and pre-drivers, in an emotive and hard-hitting way, influencing behaviour and attitude on the road.

We have formed a group of Youth Travel Ambassadors to support with future initiatives and to raise awareness amongst their peers of the need for an active lifestyle. We look forward to some exciting activities.

Within our plan we have undertaken a Walk to School Day which was extremely well supported by students of all ages. Organised groups walked from Gants Hill, Hainault and Newbury Park Stations and many others left their buses early or asked to be dropped from cars further away from school than usual. Students who enjoyed this activity were rewarded with fruit on arrival at the gate. We are delighted that following a survey of travel methods to school, car use for students on a daily basis has reduced from 40% to 28%.


This is a fantastic achievement. As a school we have long encouraged the use of public transport and in particular we have participated in TfLs group travel scheme for educational trips whenever possible. We have reduced the number of car parking spaces onsite and no longer allow vehicles onto school grounds beyond the security fencing.

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