Sixth Form Curriculum



Within Year 12 Students  follow pathway A or pathway B in completing their A Levels: 

  • Pathway A (3 Advanced Levels)

  • Pathway B (4 Advanced Levels) 

At present we offer the following A Level subjects:





Computer Science


English Language 

English Literature


Further Maths (Pathway B only)


Government & Politics






Product Design



Students in Year 12 begin their chosen pathway following transition events during the first week of term and have until the last school day in September to request subject changes. For some students this also means changing from pathway B to pathway A as they experience the time and work demands of studying four subjects. It is recommended that the decision to change from Pathway B to Pathway A is made as early as possible so that the additional demands do not have a detrimental impact on a students learning in other subjects. Students opting for Further Maths must be eligible for pathway B. These students should note that if they wish to change, at any point, to a three A Level programme they will automatically be required to drop Further Maths.  On the whole, studying four A Levels confers very few advantages when applying to University. However, some boys still wish to pursue four complete A Levels, and if this is considered feasible then the school is happy to accommodate them. 

Target-Setting And Monitoring

At the beginning of Year 12 boys are given target grades in each of their A Level subjects. These are based upon the individual boy’s prior attainment. For example, if a student’s GCSE results contained largely 9 and 7 grades, then we would expect them to achieve an A grade in each of their A Level subjects. The lower the average GCSE score, the lower the individual subject benchmarks will be. 

Throughout the year, progress is measured against these benchmarks. In some cases it will become clear that some boys will exceed their benchmarks, whilst others will struggle to meet them. However, we will do all we can to ensure they achieve the best grade possible. This is done primarily through subject teachers, but also through the pastoral support offered by form tutors and the Sixth Form leadership team. 

Academic Monitoring

Subjects will monitor the progress of their students throughout the year and intervene to give help and advice when they are struggling, or to suggest further reading and extension activities if they are particularly gifted. There is a Parents’ Evening, where progress is discussed, and Progress Check reports are issued three times a year which give details of how the student is doing in each subject. Boys will sit UCAS examinations in the May/ June of Year 12 and Practice Examinations in February of Year 13.  These are also a good gauge of academic progress. The Heads of House are kept abreast of all these developments and may choose to intervene when necessary.

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