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Progress Checks


All pupils receive three Progress Check reports per academic year. Progress Check reports are issued at the end of each term. These are also available online to parents.


We also have a well-established system of academic reviews which provide an opportunity for all pupils to meet twice a year with a designated member of staff to review their academic progress and set targets.

Progress Check form tutor reports comment on: 

  • Behaviour

  • Uniform

  • Punctuality 

  • Organisation 

  • Social Skills 

  • Leadership 

  • Extra-Curricular Activities


Progress Check subject reports comment on: 

  • Quality of work 

  • Commitment to learning 

  • Quality of interactive learning 

  • Organisation 

  • Behaviour 

Guidance indicators for Progress Check subject reports are: 

  • Praiseworthy = The student consistently produces work to a high standard. He is highly committed to his learning. 

  • Meeting expectations = The student usually produces good work. He tries hard in all aspects of his learning. 

  • Cause for concern= The student produces work of an adequate standard. He is capable of better with application. 

  • Below expectations = The student produces work that is not of a high enough standard. He must apply himself more to his studies. 

For Years 8 & 9, there is a National Curriculum level awarded based on teacher assessment on each Progress Check subject report.


There is also a benchmark National Curriculum level generated from Fischer Family Trust (a system which uses prior attainment at Key Stage 2 to gauge progress). The benchmark level is related to performance at the end of each specific academic year. Progress is measured by comparing current performance to the benchmark level. 

For Years 10 and 11, there is a GCSE grade awarded based on teacher assessment on each Progress Check subject report. There is also a grade generated by the teacher estimating the final outcome of KS4 if current progress and attitude to work is maintained.


Finally, there is a benchmark GCSE grade generated from Fischer Family Trust, a system which uses prior attainment at Key Stage 2 and 3 to gauge progress. Progress is measured by comparing the Teacher Estimated Final Grade to the benchmark GCSE grade. 

Traffic lighting for progress:
Green = Working above benchmark
Pale Green = Working at benchmark
Amber = Working one below benchmark
Red = Working two below benchmark

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