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Government & Politics is taught at A Level at ICHS. In Year 12 students will gain a thorough understanding of how the British political system works, including the conduct of elections, political parties, pressure groups, the government, parliament and the judiciary.


In Year 13 students explore political ideologies, including liberalism, conservatism, socialism and anarchism. They then broaden their focus by exploring aspects of global politics, including globalisation, human rights, poverty and development and environmental issues.


Through their study they will not only learn about how the British political system works, but also be faced with many challenges to their preconceptions about the world, where power lies and what, if anything, can be done to change things.


Teaching & Learning

There is a great deal of scope for discussion and debate in lessons, and we expect our students to engage with current affairs and keep abreast of all the latest developments. Academic work is assessed through written submissions, usually in the form of an exam-style essay.


Outside the classroom, we organise an annual visit to the Houses of Parliament, culminating in a meeting with the local MP; we also attend conferences. Reflecting national political events, we hold our own referenda and general elections with members of the A Level Government and Politics classes taking leading roles.

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