Sixth Form Bursary



1. Introduction


1.1 The 16-19 Bursary Fund is a nationally funded scheme, aimed at helping young people facing financial hardship to participate in full time education.


1.2 The new scheme became operational from September 2011. ICHS will receive an annual Bursary Fund allocation to cover the 2020/21 Academic Year. For eligible students the fund can help towards the cost of essential course related costs such as travel to school, equipment, textbooks, essential trips, uniform and attending university Open Days/job interviews. It applies to expenses during the current academic year but can also be used for public examination review of marks. Year 12 and year 13 students, who think they may be eligible, should apply for the fund at the start of each academic year. Please note that the bursary is not guaranteed, even if the criteria is met.



2. Vulnerable Bursary Fund Awards


2.1 The scheme guarantees bursary payments of £1,200 for 2020/21 to certain groups of students deemed most in need of financial support. £1,200 per annum will be paid to the following eligible students:


  • Young people who are 16-18 years, living independently and claiming Income Support or Universal Credit

  • Students who are disabled and in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance

  • Young people who are looked after by the Local Authority

  • Young people who are Care Leavers


NB: Students receiving the guaranteed Bursary of £1200 will not be eligible to apply for the additional discretionary bursaries.



3. Discretionary Bursary Fund Awards


3.1 The School will also make discretionary Bursary awards to other students most in need of financial assistance to enable them to remain in full time education. Receipt of a Bursary will be conditional and is intended to enable all students to participate fully in education and to alleviate barriers that may prevent them from meeting school expectations in terms of behaviour and attendance.


3.2 In allocating the discretionary bursaries, priority will be given to students in receipt of Free School Meals. These students need not apply and will be eligible to receive a Bursary award of up to £800 for 2020/21.


3.3. If the household income falls under Band 1 £16,190 or Band 2 £21,000 students can apply for a bursary using the application form.


4. Application Process


  1. If you wish to apply for support from the 16-19 Bursary Fund you should:


  • Check that you meet the financial eligibility criteria detailed above and complete the application form, answering all questions in full to avoid delay when processing your application


  • Attach the required evidence as indicated on the form and indicate if these are originals that you require returning to you - please make sure you submit ALL parts of any evidence not just singular pages. All evidence must relate to the preceding financial year (2020).


  • Eligible students will need to complete and submit their application to the School Office no later than 23rd October 2020.


  1. The school will endeavour to assess all applications received at the earliest opportunity with students eligible for the vulnerable bursary award and those eligible under the free school meal category being notified of the outcome before the Christmas holiday. Verifying the eligibility of all applicants is an integral feature of the assessment process.  It is likely to take slightly longer for other applicants as proof of eligibility will be required. The type of evidence required in order to verify household income and receipt of Tax Credits will include Tax Credit Award Notices, P60s/evidence of self-employed income.



5. Bursary Award Payments


The 16-19 Bursary Fund panel will assess your application.  If it is approved, they will arrange for the payment to be processed by the school Finance Team.  Payments will be made via cheque, payable to the student. The payments will be termly and attendance as well as behaviour will be monitored throughout the academic year, should attendance fall below the 95% expectation, then a partial reclaim of any funds may be instigated.


The ICHS 16-19 Bursary Fund panel will comprise of 3 members of the SLT. Any student who leaves ICHS before the end of the examination year will be required to repay any unspent bursary and/or return any equipment, stationery, books etc which can be made available for future use. 



6. Appeals


Students have the right to appeal against any decision made. Appeals should be made in writing to the Headteacher with full details and any additional evidence. Final decisions for appeals will be made by a panel consisting of Governors.  Their decision will be final.

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