The English department strives to create pupil centred classrooms, encourage independent research and facilitate collaborative learning. By placing quality texts at the heart of our curriculum we aim to inspire our pupils to appreciate many ways ideas can be shaped. We support pupils to take leadership roles as Reading Ambassadors and in running their own debating club. Reading for pleasure is encouraged for all students.


Teaching and Learning

We expect our pupils to become voracious readers and in addition to inspiring lessons, we support them with ‘Accelerated Reader’ based competitions and prizes. Poetry, Drama and novels are included in every unit and discussions and creative activities are routine aspects of our lessons. The LRC manager has an important role in our Department; many authors visit this school.


Ofsted report


Provision for English is excellent.

'Students display a high level of independent thinking and a strong work ethic based on the high level of academic rigour and personal challenge.'

'The quality of teaching is very good and teachers make very good use of assessment criteria to stretch their students.'

'The ethos for learning is extraordinarily relaxing yet intense and with a great sense of trust and support which enables both staff and students to deal with sensitive issues in an impartial way.'

​Department description


At Key Stage 3 pupils are introduced to a wide range of texts - including drama by Shakespeare, fiction by Dickens and a variety of non-fiction media material with the aim of enriching their culture knowledge and developing their reading, writing and speaking skills.

The GCSE English and English Literature courses we offer are designed to develop students’ ability to communicate, explore texts and develop the ability to read, understand and respond insightfully to a number of stimuli.

The AS and A2 Level courses are designed as a follow-on from GCSE and aim to further develop students’ appreciation of and engagement with literary and non-literary material.

English has a strong teacher base and is widely recognised by universities and employers as a well-respected academic course. It is suitable for all careers and is particularly pertinent to law, administration, media and publishing.