Computer Science

Ofsted report


Provision for ICT is good.

'Results in the A2 Level and AS examinations are above national standards, with AS last year improving over the previous year. Students' coursework shows a high level of knowledge, understanding and reasoning that students apply successfully to the problems they have selected.'

'Teachers are well organised and knowledgeable about both the subject and the course requirements. They enjoy good access to high quality equipment that has been brought about by the school's investment in computers.'

Department description


Computing Science is one of the fastest growing, sustainable sectors of the economy. At Ilford County High, we aim to enable our students to capitalise on this growth and to develop a love for computing, programming and network concepts.

The Computer Science courses offered give an important insight into the practical applications of computer skills, with great emphasis placed on practical demonstration of theoretical work done. The Computer Science department is fully staffed by specialist teachers who come with a range of industrial and teaching experiences.


At Ilford County High key stage 3 is covered in years 7 to 9. They will then have the option to study Computer Science at GCSE in years 10 and 11.


For OCR Computer Science at GCSE level we explore computational thinking, hardware, software, networking, systems security, and systems development. Additionally controlled coursework is worth 20% of the GCSE.


For AQA Computer Science at A Level, the syllabus for Computing covers programming, problems solving, network concepts, hardware, software, systems development and database. 


Bebras Computational Challenge

Computer Science Olympiad

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

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