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The courses provide a significant insight into a fascinating multifaceted world of chemistry. It allows our pupils to apply their knowledge & understanding of chemistry concepts and use their scientific enquiry skills in an experimental and investigative context in order to further advance both their knowledge and skills.


In the lower school, chemistry is studied in conjunction with biology and physics as part of the Key Stage 3 Science curriculum. The course material at this level is structured in such a way as to provide pupils with the fundamental skills for learning science.

From Year 9 to 11 pupils study the AQA GCSE chemistry (8462) course. They continue to develop experimental skills as an integral part of their chemistry learning. Whilst group work is encouraged, pupils develop the skills that enable them to think independently.  This course takes pupils, not only through the basic chemistry knowledge they require for GCSE, but it takes them a step beyond, wherever possible, to build a sound bridging towards Advanced Level course.

All classes in chemistry are mixed ability groups, but generally well-motivated and respond very well to challenging activities. We hold very high expectations of our pupils’ academic work, effort and positive behaviour for learning.

At A Level, students follow AQA syllabus (7405), which includes the essential aspects of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. Students study both qualitative and quantitative aspects of chemistry at much more in-depth. They are fully engaged in a complex experiments, which enables them to develop better understanding of the concepts studied and further develop scientific skills.

We also offer an AQA AS (7404) standalone chemistry course. This course is of the same structure and complexity, however, it has half the content of the A level course.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

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GCSE Chemistry AQA (8462)

AS Chemistry AQA (7404)

A2 Chemistry AQA (7405)