Economics employs one of the fundamental philosophy, the economic way of thinking can help us make better choices. At Ilford county High, we aim to develop skills progressively to help form independent, confident and reflective pupils.

Department description


The department consists of three Economics and Business teachers with a wide spread of experience and expertise. Some of the staff work as examiners and share their specialised knowledge of examination techniques and board requirements with the other staff and the pupils.

 The global financial crisis has made the study of Economics and Business Studies ever more relevant to understanding everyday life. Students within the department are not only informed of the world around them, but are also challenged intellectually and, hopefully, emerge with a clearer understanding of the key aspects of the economic system in which they live.

The department does not offer any courses until Year 10 when students make their GCSE choices. A combined Economics and Business course (Edexcel) is offered at GCSE level and, at AS and A2, Economics (AQA) is offered in the sixth form. These courses offer the chance to explore economic and business principles, and to analyse the effects of decisions on individuals, firms, markets and the economy.  Our GCSE, AS level and A level courses are very popular. Currently, over ninety pupils are enrolled on the Year 12 course and over sixty have continued into Year 13 and over eighty pupils in year 10 have selected the course.

Overall, department results are excellent and it has been outperforming other similar schools nationally for both GCSE as well as A levels.

Facilities and Resources

The Department has two teaching rooms which have lively wall displays. We ensure that all groups have access to computers when necessary. There are subject specific resources in shared area for students to revise and extend their learning supplementing class teaching as well as encouraging independent learning.

Extra-Curricular activities

The nature of the subjects taught in the department allows plenty of opportunities for students to learn outside the formal classroom environment. Students have participated in a number of competitions, including the Bank of England Target 2.0 Competition and the Student Investor challenge. We also offer a range of educational visits and invite speakers. The department’s philosophy is to encourage active learning in a variety of contexts.

Future Career Options

Economics and Business Studies combine well with both Science and Arts subjects. Employers see both subjects as relevant and challenging. Most students with an Economics or Business qualification will find well paid work in a variety of occupations, including banking, insurance and accountancy. Studying Economics or Business Studies may also be advantageous for careers in advertising, retailing, management and the civil service. The department has encouraged many students study at well-known universities to name a few; Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, UCL etc.