Ofsted report


Provision for Biology is excellent.

‘This is a large, successful and dynamic department.’

Department description


The department consists of four Biology teachers with a wide spread of experience and expertise. There is a low turnover in staff. The staff take an active interest in current educational theory and practice, including the AfL initiative, membership of the A.S.E. and engagement with the East of England’s Science Learning Centre. Some of the staff work as examiners and share their specialised knowledge of examination techniques and board requirements with the other staff and the pupils. Our pupils benefit from these interests in a variety of ways.

The staff and the pupils are supported by two qualified technicians. Our laboratories are well equipped and the educational emphasis is on learning through practical activities.


In Years 7 and 8 pupils are taught ‘general science’ with input on the Biology components from the department. In Year 9 our pupils complete their Key Stage 3 studies and commence the GCSE examination syllabus. During Year 10 and Year 11 our pupils complete their GCSE studies. Most pupils are entered for the ‘triple award’ GCSE. This means that pupils are awarded three Science GCSEs instead of the more usual two. 

At the moment our Key Stage 4 pupils follow the AQA syllabus at GCSE. Our AS level and A level courses are very popular. Currently, over eighty pupils are enrolled on the Year 12 course. These pupils follow the AQA Biology syllabus. Our A level pupils usually do well in their studies and many gain university places to read Medicine or Dentistry.